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Apr. 22nd, 2008 @ 11:59 pm Dying Wishes and Living Dreams P1 (read the whole thing please!!!)
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She came to me again, crying for the millionth time. I held her to me, a gentle smile on my face as I sat in the center of the room, her in my lap and against my body. She gripped my shirt as if never wanting me to let her go. I wasn’t sure myself if I wanted to let her go. Her curves seemed to fit so well with my own, it made my skin tingle. She made me feel so strong yet so weak at the same time. I felt her shift lightly in my lap so I shifted too, loosening my hold around her just a bit. Her response was to hold onto me tighter and press her tear stained face into my breasts, almost how a child would. I simply smiled and held her tighter again, my cheek resting on the top of her head.

“Why do you allow them to do this to you?” I whisper softly. I feel her shoulders jump a bit as she regains herself some, pulling away and looking up at me. “What do you mean?” She asks, dumbfounded and confused. She looked so broken and hurt. Just like a small puppy found in a trash can on the side of the street. “I mean that you allow them to have you until they are finished with you, then you are worthless to them,” I tell her gently. She was too kind and loving not to allow herself to get hurt. She watches me for a moment and her tears slowly fade. I smile down at her and wipe the streaks from her cheeks softly.

“Then show me what it’s like to not be hurt… Not to be used.” She challenged. Watching for my reaction, I blushed under her gaze. She moves and straddles me, her arms around my neck. I close my eyes and allow her to press her lips into mine. Not ever having done this before, I was unsure of what to do. I wrapped my arms around her waist and deepened the kiss.

This was so unlike her, taking the aggressive side of such intimate contact. I pulled away and looked up at her, my breath slightly wavering. “What’s gotten into you?” I watched her eyes and she faltered, unsure if she had done something wrong. “Did…did you not want this?” She looked away and began to move a bit. My grip was iron at I locked one arm around her. She paused as my other hand met the cheek pointed away from me.

As I slowly slid my finger tip along her lower lip her head fallowed, looking back towards me. I smiled and watched her. I studied her lips. They were plump and a soft velvety pink. They held such tiny details my artist mind began sketching them over and over again. The darker crease between the two velvety petals, to the slight dip above her upper lip.

She continued to watch me as I moved past her lips up to her eyes. Those liquid blue eyes glazed over with some emotion I don’t dare put a name to. Each darker streak from the pupil a deep ocean blue, holding their own little secret story in each. How I wanted to know each of those stories, beyond any truth they could hold. The darker outline around the icy blue like the destruction after the storm.

My own eyes moved further, away this time. To look at the whole of her face. Around her eyes were red, but not puffy. That had passed. Now is was just a gentle red, telling the world that her mind had been stained with tears. Tear stained cheeks added to her delicate features, more soft red to betray her curios eyes. She watched me, seeming to wait for something.

I pulled back a bit more and let my eyes wander further down, to her neck. The soft skin there, waiting to be marked or caressed. The gentle indent of the tendons showing that she had been breathing a bit hard, gasping for air even. I let my finger trail down from her face along that beautiful neck of her’s, tracing the tendons while doing so.

A soft gasp escaping her lips made my eyes shoot to her’s, watching and waiting myself now. I had gotten a reaction out of her and now my own body demanded more. My mind clouded with lust for her now. She looked at me, still unsure. I smile and lean forward, kissing those lips I have just studied so intently. As my tongue slips gently along her lower lip, she opens her mouth. I slip my tongue in and explore what my eyes cannot see. I wanted to know everything about her and my body demanded it.

Ok!!! So, this is obviously lesbian. There's more, though!!! In a comment or whatever, I want someone to add to it. Not just add on, but write the other half to this story. I've written from the perspective from the partner who WAS NOT crying. Now I want someone else to write from the perspective of the partner who WAS crying. After you have retold what happened on your end, add to it. As much as you like. Then I will rewrite that part in this perspective and add on. Then you repeat, I repeat, we see where it leads. I, personally, think it sounds fun!
Now, I don't mind if more than one person does this. I will reply to each one. Just put up ur own LJ post from ur perspective labeled "Dying Wishes and Living Dreams P2" I'll be checking LJ every day or every other day. ^-^ I'm wondering if anyone will be honestly interested. (I have those I suspect, but I'm not sure... I'm hoping someone answers!!!! I really am, cause this sounds really fun to me.)

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